Monday, August 25, 2014

Metal Seed

For this project, I got to be the Art Director! I made final decisions, did a bunch of paint overs, created a design bible, organized and defined our workflow, and various other tasks besides actually working on art! Definitely a great learning experience. This was done in Ani 117B under Tom Esmeralda. My team consisted of Genaro Morales, Eugenie Ooi, Minh Ho, and Brian Stanley. The assignment was to make a graphic book that would direct the look of a film based on a sci-fi short story of our choosing. We chose "Frost and Fire" by Ray Bradbury. One of the artists on our team was greatly influenced by, and loved the art of, Tomer Hanuka, and we felt his style worked well with the nature of our story, so we chose to emulate his visual feel in our book. Here's one of his pieces we used for reference...

A piece by Tomer Hanuka
And Here's what we came up with for our book!

I did this piece myself

I also did the left rendering, with some design help from Minh Ho

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